In the following sequence, the generator engine of the Vectra V (X16XEL) engine is removed:

1) Disconnect the wires from the battery.

2) Take off the pillow of the generator, circlings two bolts with the head "by 15".

3) Remove the three "by 15" bolt from the head and lift the cushion.

(4) The key of the T-8 BRAC shall be rocked by the duct of the duct tube of the duct.

(5) Two anchoring of two bolts of the air filter casing.

(6) The generator strap is removed by the "15" key.

(7) Three screws of the generator arm "by 15". We can't get a bracket over it.

(8) The key "on 13" is the screw-bolt connection of the engine-arm arm with the generator.

9) Carefully lower the whole structure down, carefully following the two short cables at the bottom of the generator.

(10) The keys "on 16" and "on 17" unscrew the mounting bolt.

(11) Two keys "by 8" and "by 12".

(12) Remove the hamster and get the generator.

13) Reverse assembly

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