When the Volkswagen Tuareg 2 is towed, the following manufacturer's requirements shall be taken into account:

(1) The maximum mass of the trailer with the braking system shall not exceed 3500 kg (assuming a up to 12 per cent gradient). The maximum mass of a trailer without a braking system shall not exceed 750 kg.

(2) The permitted maximum mass of a motor vehicle with a trailer shall not exceed:

-CGRA 4Motion motor Auto-6340 kg

-CGRA 4HMotion motor-6390 kg.

-Car engine CJMA-6380 kg (with start-stop-6385 kg).

-CGC 4Motion motor-6395 kg

-CCA 4XMotion-6445 kg (with start-stop-6450 kg).

-The KDA motor is 6460 kg.

-CCGEA motor auto-6450 kg.

(3) The tyre pressure shall be as valid as possible, according to the information in the plate at the centre frame behind the driver's door.

(4) The maximum power of lamps on a trailer shall not exceed:

-Overall Lights-100 Watts.

-54 watts.

-84 watts.

-Reversing lamps: 42 W.

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