Motor oil:

-Benzine engine-6.2 litres with filter and 5.7 litres without filter;

-Diesel-9.0 l with filter and 8.0 l without filter.

Cooling liquid:

-Petrol engine-16.9 l with rear heater, 14.1 without a rear heater;

-Diesel-18.0 l with a rear heater heater, 15 without a rear heater heater, and with a viscosic heater, 17.6 liters with a rear heater, 14.8 with no back heater, 14.8 without an ant heater.


-Benin motor: 10.9 l;

-Diesel-11.1 l.

Dangle-box oil-1.45 l.

Differential oil:

-Front-1.9 litres;

-Rear-4.2 l.

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