Before you can check the transmission fluid level, you need to warm it up. To do this, you need to warm up the engine on the spot, and then drive in normal mode for about 10 minutes. Next, you need to put the car on a level surface and lift the parking brake, start the engine, and let it work at idle for a couple of minutes. The engine shall be operated during the engine oil check and the gearbox shall be in "P" mode. Then, keep the foot down on the brake pedal, transfer the ACPR lever to each position, holding it for 3 seconds in each position. As a result, the lever needs to be moved back to the "R" position.

The steering probe of the ACPR is painted red-it has nothing to do with it. You have to get it out, wipe the rags without a sparrow, and put it in place before it stops. After that, you have to get the pup out again. The oil level must be inside the "HOT" interval on the probe.

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