Santa Fe's filling capacity (with petrol, 2.7 litre engine and 2.2 litre diesel):

(1) Engine oil:

-Petrol engine-4.5 liters.

-For diesel engine, it's 5.9 liters.

(2) Mechanical box oil:

-Petrol engine: 1.9 liters.

-For diesel engine, it's 1.85 liters.

3) Automatic gearbox:

-For the petrol engine, it's 8.5 liters.

-For diesel engine 10.8 liters.

4) Butter Butter-Box-0.8 litre.

5) Rear axle oil-0.9 litre.

(6) Cooling liquid;

-Petrol engine-7 litres.

-For diesel engine, it's 1.85 liters.

7) Hydroamplifier liquid-1 litre.

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