The replacement of fuel injectors on Lifan Smiley is carried out in this sequence:

  • Reset the pressure in the fuel system.
  • We're taking out the crankcase ventilation system.

  • Scrolling two fuel rail screws and taking it off.
  • Disconnect the fuel line.
  • We're taking off the nozzle.
  • Gasoline rings of new nozzles.
  • Set the trout in the ramp, rotate them out of the side.
  • Put a fuel rail into the intake manifold with two washers first.
  • Just finish (but not delay) two ramps of the ramp anchorage and check the easing of the nozzles. If they're in a jam, you need to change the compaction rings.
  • We tighten the bolts at 15 Nm and put it all back.

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