For the Mercedes E-Class (W211) to serve as long as possible, the manufacturer recommends the following basic operating rules:

-Avoid short trips to reduce the load on the engine, as well as to reduce the fuel consumption.

-Always monitor the air pressure in the tires of the car.

-Periodically pay attention to fuel consumption.

-Don't use the trunk on the roof if it's not necessary.

-Regularly service the car from the dealer, observing the frequency indicated in the instruction.

-Maintenance of the car in the Mercedes-Benz service stations with qualified personnel.

-When starting the engine, do not press the accelerator pedal.

-Delete the engine warm-up on a standing vehicle.

Avoid frequent and abrupt accelerations.

-Do not unwind the engine by more than 2/3 of its recommended speed and switch gear in a timely direction.

-Turn off the engine at forced stops.

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