To remove the Peugeot 206 front door, perform the following steps:

-the Torx wrench to spin three bolts of the binder. The first one is in the deepening of the plastic arm of the arm. The second is located at the edge of the plating side of the front rack. And the third is a triangular plastic lining in the area of the rear-view mirror. To remove the molding, you need to pull it away from the door and hold on to the latches.

" In the place where the third bolt was laid, the upholstes should be hooked with the hands and pulling on it. Next, detach the attachments below on this side of the plating

-In the same way, you need to detach the attachments in the lower and right sides. It is not recommended to detach the anchorages by sudden movements.

-Remove the door handle to open the door from the right and left sides.

" The bottom edge of the sheathing needs to pull up and pull the top edge out of the clutch with the door hull.

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