Hyundai Accent's wheel pins break often. The point is that the metal from which these parts are made is not strong.

It is recommended that excessive efforts should not be made when the wheel hakers are prolonged. The shank is easily replaced. But there are cases where the services change them with the hub, increasing the cost of repair multiple times.

In order to replace a broken hairpin, you need to lift the car, remove the wheel. Next, you will need to twist the two retaining screws to get the key to 17.

We lift the car, remove the wheel and put the lever on safe support. Cleaning up the sub-port from the dirt and the key to 17 (better head) turn away the 2 bolts that secure it to the hub. Gently push the mount off the mount and hang it on the wire for the spring. Strike the screwdriver screw the two screws that secure the brake disc to the hub and remove it. Sotting with a hammer of a broken stiletto. Trying to set a new hairpin. It wouldn't be possible to do this because of a duster, to put it away and put a pin in the place. Then, with a hammer, gently squeeze it and use a suitable NDR to attract a wheel-nut-nut. We're going backwards.

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