Check of brake pads and discs-every 30,000 km of mileage or 24 months (in difficult conditions of operation-dust, towing of trailer, frequent mountain traffic, etc. -inspection is carried out for every 7,500 people. km or 6 months).

Check of pedal brake, parking brake-every 30,000. km travelled or 24 months

The verification of the vacuum hoses, connections and the control valve of the brake amplifier, each 60,000. km travelled or 48 months.

Check of brake fluid level and presence of traces of the lining every 30 thousand. km travelled or 24 months.

Replacement of brake fluid-every 30,000 The number of kilometres travelled per year or 24 months (in the case of an extra-humid replacement should be carried out by 15,000 per cent of the total km). km travelled or 12 months).

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