Before you start, you need to lift the rear of the car and remove the rear wheels. Then, do the following:

1. Pin wheel of wheel brake discs

2. Remove the fuse unit cover from the central console

3. Hoping a key with a long head on the adjustment nut

4. Rotate the adjustment nut (1) to weaken the cable and then release the parking brake

5. Remove the brake disc adjustment filler

6. Facing the front-screwdriver (1) in direction (A) until the brake disc is blocked

7. Rotate the slider to the back of 7 clicks

8. Verify that the brake disc is easy to cool. He doesn't have to cling to the pad.

9. Install the blank filler

10. At least 10 times to lift the parking brake lever

11. Adjust the parking brake to work on 7 or 8 clicks

12. After all steps have been completed, the rear wheels must be rotated when the parking brake is fully applied.


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