After installation of the head of the Santa Fe cylinder block, the eyebolts of the SBP must be tightened correctly. The length of the delay must be 99.4 mm in length. The delay shall be done in this sequence (the belt of the GRM is on the left):

Middle-upper-middle-middle-second on the upper left-second on the lower left, the lower to the upper right-the first on the right lower to the right, and the upper left is the first on the lower right, the first on the bottom right, and the first on the bottom right. That's 10 bolts.

The moment of delay is as follows:

-If the heads/bolts of the fixture/bolts are not changed, the bolts shall be extended to 20 Nm + dovet.900 + dovetl.

" If there was a change of detail, then it takes 63 Nm to protract it, then release all the bolts, then retract the 20 Nm + dovetorl on 900 +.

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