To establish a heated steering wheel for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, you must do the following:

1) Purchase a new TOYOTOTA LAND CRUISER 200. The rudder code is 45100-60780-C0, the code button 84255-76010, the controller code is 55910-76010. The cost of this kit starts at approximately $1,500. + Install.

(2) Make the warm-up on the old handlebars independently. To do this:

-We're buying a regular universal set of steering.

-Take the wheel off the wheel, first pointing out his position on the rampart and fixing the spiral plume.

-Take off the tape (if there is one) and glue the heating element on the steering wheel so that the contact leaves the rear of the wheel.

-Connect the pins through the button and the fuse to the power supply.

-We do a rudder or a sleeve.

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