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The replacement of the hydroamplifier liquid on Honda Akcord 7 shall be performed in such a sequence:

1) Turn off the motor and wait for it to cool down a bit.

2) The fitting of a hydraulic amplifier pump and shall be removed from the actuator belt.

(3) Remove the supply receiver from the pump and leak it into the prepared capacity of approximately 300 ml.

(4) Take off the GRM tank and leak it neatly into a larger capacity.

(5) A tubing from the reservoir over the oil tank.

(6) Enemy the rudder several times in each direction (it will be difficult to do so).

7) Gather all back.

(8) Lip up the Honda PSF to the tank top to the highest level.

9) Start the car by turning the rudder several times from side to side.

(10) Check the level of the liquid and reach the maximum level.

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