During the loading of the jeep Grand Cherokee WK liquids should be oriented to the following volumes of car systems:

  • Fuel tank-for petrol motors-79 l, for diesel models-83 litres.
  • Lubrication system (with filter replacement)-4.7 litre (gasoline engine 3.7 l), 5.7 L (gasoline engine 4.7 l), 6.6 l (petrol fuelled 5.7 l), 9.5 litre (3.0 l diesel engine).
  • Cooling system: 10.0 L (petrol fuelled volume 3.7 litres), 13.7 l (petrol fuelled 4.7 l), 13.7 l (5.7 l petrol motor), 13.0 l (3.0 l diesel engine).

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