-Fuel tank-65 litres.

-Cooling system-8.7 litres for cars with ICIE and engine 2.4 (in replacement of 6.6 l), 7.0 l for auto with ICIE and engine 2.0 (on replacement of 5.6), 6.9 l for auto with ACPR and engine 2.0 (replacing 5.5 l), 8.6 l for cars with ACPR and engine 2.4 (replacing 6.5 litres).

-Motor oil-5.3 litres for auto-engine 2.4 (if replaced with filter 4.2 l, without filter 4.0 l), 4.5 l for auto engine 2.0 (if replaced with filter of 3.7 litres, replacement without filter 3.5 L).

-MKPS-2.0 l (replacing 1.9 l).

-ACPR-6.5 l (replacing 2.5 litres).

-Liquid liquid-5.0 l

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