The adjustment of the transmission of the manual transmission to the Opel Vector B shall be carried out in the following order:

1) A lighting nut bolt, which attaches the rod-shift mechanism of the drive train.

(2) Extract the traffic of the adjustment valve from the body of the gear selection mechanism.

3) Grab a 4.5 mm diameter and insert it into the opening. You will need to rotate the mechanism counterclockwise to align the holes on the body and lever.

(4) Pull the cover from the gear selector.

(5) Hold the lever in the position between the first gear and the second gear. The lever must lock the back door. The arrow on the lever should match the incision of the locking elements of the back door.

6) Insert a second 4.5 mm into the hole of the lever to fix its position.

7) End the bolt and extract the drill.

8) Verify the operation of the gearshift mechanism and put back the protective cover.

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