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The algorithm of the replacement of the filament light on the engine 2.2 TDi is as follows:

1) Pwarm the engine, muted it and unplug the "Mina" cell of the PSC.

2) Disconnect two tubes, two intercooler tubes, and four fastening screws.

3) Pistons are removed and interculling sensor connectors are disconnected.

4) Shooter shall be removed.

(5) Remove the plastic skin of the engine by rolling four bolts.

6) Remove the antifreeze from the reservoir to the prepared tank using a syringe.

7) Disconnect the slots of the nozzles, the "Minus" cell of the engine, the solenoid valve slots and the candlelight plug.

8) A bar with metal tubes removed.

(9) Disconnect tubes and tubes by removing the EGR pipe.

(10) Remove the oil separator.

(11) The unswinging tyre of the incandescent light.

(12) With an elongated head "10", flip out the candles.

(13) By becoming new candles, gather everything back. It is desirable to change the metal laying of the EGR tube.

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