To get a car from one point to another, you don't have to drive it yourself. And sometimes it's impossible because the car is broken or doesn't have proper documents for a full ride. This is where the question is: How to move a car from point A to point B?

To date, Russian motorists have a number of ways to move a car. Road, rail, air or water transport can be used for the transport of the vehicle. The last two methods are rare due to their high cost, so that by water or by air, cars are transported only when there are no alternatives for transportation.

For the carriage of the vehicle by road, the most frequently used is:

  • tow truck
  • Russian locomotive class
  • Special container.

The main advantage of road transport is the breadth of coverage: the car can be delivered to any place where there is a road.

Evactors are often used for small distances (up to 300-400 km), because otherwise it will be expensive. At the same time, however, the tow truck is the fastest way to transport a car.

For long distances, it is more convenient to transport it on an open or closed container (the latter is usually more expensive, but the car is safely protected against weather conditions and other external factors).

The following may be used for the carriage of a vehicle by rail: A wagon-grid, closed container, open platform.

  • The wagon-net,
  • closed container,
  • platform.

Unlike the auto trucks or the tow truck, the railway transport is not so limited in the dimensions and mass of vehicles transported, so that it is possible to carry trucks, tractors and special equipment by rail. However, it is possible to deliver the car only to the railway.

Transport in carriages is the cheapest way to transport a car by rail. In addition, the loading process takes very little time. However, the vehicle is not protected from the effects of the environment, and very often the cars in the carriages are damaged. The same minus is also available when you transport a car on an open platform.

In a container, the car is completely protected from any external influences, and it is also very difficult to damage or abduct during carriage (as practice shows, cars are sometimes stolen from a wagon).

However, there are a number of drawcons in container traffic. First, they are usually more expensive than transportation by a net. Secondly, the loading process takes much longer, as each car needs to be installed and fixed according to certain rules. Third, the containers are less than mesh wagons, so you can load only 1 to 3 cars.

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