Virtually every auto-owner eventually finds itself in a situation where the car has to be left for a long period of time. The reasons for this are different: travel on vacation or on mission, unwillingness to ride in the winter period, etc. However, after such "downtime", not each car is turned on the first requirement.

It is considered that if the machine is idle for a long time, there is no process in it. Is that really what it is? Are there optimum parking conditions? Is it possible to secure your car from the undesirable effects of "canning"?

Where to put the car?

The best option for parking is the garage. However, not all garages are ideal for storage, for example, in iron and concrete garages, the temperature regime is far from required.

It is possible, of course, to keep the car under the open canopy-this parking will protect the car from the rain, but not from humidity and temperature. However, experienced motorists advise you not to worry too much about outdoor parking, because the car is designed for outdoor storage. If the car has good anti-corrosion protection and a reliable varnish coating, it does not scant snow or rain.

Of course, if you don't have your own garage or parking place, you can leave your car in the yard of your own house.

Rules for the preparation of a car for long-term parking

Before an expected long-term parking, the car needs to be washed well. If there are places on the bodies on which the paint is damaged, they need to be tunnished. Where possible, it is recommended that some canning be made on the basis of wax to preserve the paint and not to cause corrosion.

After that, you need to roll out the candles, use the syringe to fill each cylinder with a small quantity (about 30 g) of motor oil, scroll three to five times and spin the candles back.

Then it is necessary to drain all liquids which can be frozen: fluid from the washer's washer, diluted water, or simply an old stool.

A piece of cloth needs to be sealed with a hole in the air filter and the exhaust pipe (also can be glued) to avoid rust.

In order to protect the engine against dust, it is recommended that the engine be covered with a tarpaulin or film.

If there is a possibility, it is necessary to install the car at the coaster with the help of a jack, wheels should be raised. This is done to reduce the load on the suspension and the shock absorbers. We need to make sure that the machine's position is stable, without distortions. The tyre pressure is preferably reduced to 0.5 kg/cm.

The opinion of the motorists is that in preparation for the long-term parking, the battery must be removed and stored in a dry and warm room. But if the garage is a good microclimate (air well ventilated, dry and dark, humidity 50-70%, temperature not below 5 degrees), the battery can be kept.

The possibility of battery discharge should also be considered, because the battery connected will continue to consume current (in the alarm, etc.), respectively, at some time in time. If the car stays for a very long time, the battery is still better off.

There are different opinions on whether or not the cars are covered. Some of the advice is required to be covered, and to keep in mind that if the room is sunlight, the cover should be waterproof. Otherwise, the moisture will be condensing on the surface of the body, which may result in a number of negative effects, for example, the rust will appear or the paint will be repainted. Others do not advise the cover to be covered by the fact that moisture, penetrating the passage of time, accelerates the processes of decay. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to take into account the conditions and duration of the car park. The car is stored in an open parking lot

The car is stored in an open parking lot

For a street parking lot, the optimal solution is Tent. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to cover the machine with a cover or its similarity from the air-permeable material. In addition (especially if there is a chance of low temperatures), it is recommended to place the soft gaskets (febra, flannel, foam) between the chela and the bodywork, at least 2 cm. If this is not done, then the machine will have to be repainted on the ground that the paint will be peeling under the tightly adjacent cover. In sunny days, the cover will protect paint from fires, thermal effects, hail and acid rain.

Preventive action during parking

For better safety of the car periodically (approximately once every two months), it is necessary to start the engine, scroll the rudder by 1 to 1.5 revolutions in both directions, actuate 4-5 times the handbrake and the brake pedal, fully squeeze the clutch 2-3 times

A number of common recommended rules will not be necessary to refer to the performance of a particular machine, since different models may have different storage conditions. In addition, it is necessary to focus on the specific case: for which period the machine is "canned", what the conditions of parking will be, is there any "disease" in the car, etc.

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