In order to replace the heads of the helmsman's drive, the MK is required to have 13, 19 and 21 wrenches, a bar key, and a ball key, as well as a shuffler scarf.

We work in this order. In the beginning, we remove the wheel on one side and spray on the fastenes with the wheel. We are waiting for half an hour to remove the tip of the nozzle. We take the marker and mark the position of the nozzle on the steering wheel so as not to break after the installation of the new parts failed. Then we loosen the counternut of the tip, align and reach the joints of the hinge pin.

A-a wheelhouse, B-counterparty, C-steering gear, D-finger fastening, E-shplint, F is a turning fist.

I'm swinging my finger in the back. Then, with the lift, press the finger out of the hinge.

The view of the hinge lift.

After this, the steering gear is rolled back by calculating the speed for the correct fitting of the new hinge. Let' s put in a new tip in reverse sequence.

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