brake system pressure regulator ("wizard") shall be used for the distribution of the ratio of the braking force to the axles. At the same time, the main load on the vehicle is the front brakes (approximately 70 per cent) and the remaining 30 per cent on the braking equipment mounted on the rear axle. As the rear of the vehicle (load in the trunk, passengers in the rear seat) is loaded, the pressure regulator increases the brake effort to the rear of the vehicle, reducing the risk of oversteer.

The bottom-end controller is exposed to dirt and water, so the upper part of the piston, attached to the torchion, is rusting over time (rust), which is a signal of a change in the loading of a motor vehicle. Corrosion may completely block the motion of the piston, resulting in the actual failure of the pressure regulator and the significant deterioration of the rear brakes.

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