If the first generation of Infiniti FX was engaged in gearshift, as well as in the selection of automatic gearbox positions, the first thing to do is to replace the oil in the box and to clean the ACPR oil filter. It is desirable to have an original liquid equivalent to that in the factory-Nissan Matic J. It will take 18.5 liters of transmission fluid, so you will have to buy a 20-litre drum. In addition to liquids, the work will require: Pallet scrubber. A set of keys, a keyset with an extension cord and a cardank. A machine to replace the oil in the ACPR.

  1. Surface cleaner.
  2. Pallet lining.
  3. The keyset of the heads with an extension cord and a card.
  4. ACPR oil replacement machine.

To replace a liquid in ACPR, perform the following steps:

  1. Rend the pan of the pan and wait for the liquid to stop coming out. A total of 4 to 5 litres will be released.
  2. Remove the pallet, clean it and the magnets.
  3. Remove the metal filter and clear it.
  4. Reinstall everything by using the old pad.
  5. Diliate with a fresh liquid in volume similar to the liquid of the liquid.
  6. Attach the machine to the liquid cooling radiator of the liquid air cooler (two thin tubes in the lower part of the engine cooling radiator).
  7. Get the butter in the machine.
  8. Find an empty canister to discharge the liquid from the reverse path.
  9. Start the engine, turn on the parking brake, lever the ACPR, put it in neutral position, turn on the machine and pour the liquid into it until the fresh liquid comes out of the reverse loop.
  10. Clean the cans of oil from the pallet of the gears, remove the pan and filter, clear them, clear the magnets.
  11. Install a new gasket, filter, pallet.
  12. Dole the fluid through the probe, put the box in neutral, start the engine, and give it some work.
  13. Translate the selector of the "machine gun" into different positions, holding four seconds in each.
  14. Dale the liquid to the middle of the Cold level.
  15. Leave the car alone for the night, so that all the redemption of the jackass is sagging, and the shavings are sagging.
  16. The next day, we need to take a drive 10-15 minutes and leak the liquid to the "Hot" level.

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