It would seem that the replacement of a wheel is not such a complicated procedure. However, it is not always possible to remove the wheel without problems. What should be done if the wheel hissed and how to remove it without damaging it?

Before you start the fight with the wheel on the wheel, make sure that all the bolts have been turned off. There were times when the distracted drivers forgot to unscrew one of the haeks and began to complain about the wheel whims.

The first step in the fight with the boil-wheel is to knock on the wheel. However, before hitting the wheel, make sure that the car is firmly fixed on the jack. In addition, it would be better to attach a spare to the case if the car suddenly fell off the jack.

Stand your back to the car and hit twice with the heel of the steered wheel. It is better to double the wheel, either to the left or the right or to the top and bottom. After that, grasp the wheel with your hands and try to shake it. If there's a play, keep hitting the wheel until it's gone.

If you have a WD-40, it'll make it easier to fight the chipper. Spray first on the connector of the wheel with the hub and then squash the bolts.

If the boil is strong, the kicking of the leg is not to be avoided. Take something heavy and hit the wheel on the inside. If the wheel is down, it is not possible to beat the rubber on the disc through something wooden.

There are times when such blows on the wheel don't help. For the front wheel and for machines equipped with a differential, you can try the method "riding in place". Be careful not to drive without taking the car off the jack (under the threshold there must be a spare or other emphasis that will prevent the fall). Turn on neutral gear (both for "mechanics" and "machine"), make sure that the handbrake is stretched to the maximum. Start the car, turn on the first gear. The differential is blocking the wheel that is standing on the ground and starts spinning only what is in the air. As soon as the wheel began to spin, the brake should be sharply pressed: the wheel should move.

Note that if you use this method, you do not have to spin the wheel until the end of the wheel: it has to be a little bit loose on the hub, or if it is stopped, it will depart and cause damage to something or someone.

The latter method usually results in the disconnection of anyone, even a very strong wheel.

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