The removal of the throttle to the Opel Vektra B is usually required for a cleaning operation. For the Y16XE and Z16XE engines, the removal procedure is as follows:

(1) The cable shall be removed from the AQB minus tick.

(2) The T-30 TORCS key shall be polating two bolts and removing the decorative surface of the engine.

3) Flying the ducts by detach the connector sensor and the crankcase gas pipe, remove the duct.

4) Disconnect the throttle connector.

5) Unwind and disconnect 4 hose from the throttle. Two of them (upper) with antifreeze, so we put in some small dishes.

(6) Twisting the four throttle pins by the T-10 BRAC key.

7) Remove and clean the throttle.

8) Put it all back, replacing the pad with the new one.

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