The verification shall be carried out as follows:

1) Heat the box to the operating temperature.

(2) Install the wheel chock under the rear wheels, tighten the brake and press the brake pedal.

(3) Start the motor and put the lever in position D.

4) Completely press the gas pedal and determine the shaft speed. The nominal value is 2100-2900 rpm.

5) After 2 minutes, repeat the procedure for R.

(6) Test result:

-If the turnover is greater than the nominal speed in both modes, the low pressure in the hydraulic drive or the first or the rear-end brake may be low.

-If the turnover is only in D mode, then it is likely to slip the muff of the downside transmission.

-If the frequency is greater than R in R mode, then the rear wheel may slip.

-If the turnover is less than the nominal speed, this is either a defect of the hydrotransformer or the inappropriate engine power.

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